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Originally Posted by Prevet View Post
I can't speak for Linux developers, but what I've noticed with the Linux users I've interacted with is they don't care about security or spyware, any more than Windows and Apple users do. Trying to get them to take an interest is like talking to sheep. "Baaaaaahhhh!"
This is an unfortunate trend. I've used Debian for nearly two decades and have seen Linux go from an easily customised system for technically minded users to one aimed at those who want Windows but don't want to pay for it. Userland development has changed accordingly, with every new release from the major distros containing changes that seem to be driven by fashion rather than sound technical decisions.

I recently changed my desktop PC to OpenBSD to try it out. I liked it enough to start changing most of my other systems. I still have a couple of dedicated audio workstations running Debian as I need realtime privileges and ALSA drivers. That may change if systemd avoidance becomes too painful (FreeBSD and Dragonfly look promising, but I'd have to learn to write BSD drivers).

I know of quite a few long-term Linux users who have switched (or are thinking about switching) to *BSD. Those articles about the supposedly imminent death of *BSD don't tally with my own observations.
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