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Originally Posted by Svejk View Post
Looking for some advice on best way to proceed.
First of all, welcome to our community.

Because of the lead time required to manufacture/duplicate CD's, the code to OpenBSD 4.8 was tagged (frozen) in CVS back at the beginning of August. However, the project developers continue to work at the head of the source tree. This raises two points:
  • While the OpenBSD developers will be interested in errors found in OpenBSD-release (the code tagged in August...), the first question they will ask is what is the corresponding behavior seen at the head of the tree (-current). Before raising the flag of "bug", the immediate question to answer is whether ongoing work -current has already resolved this problem. Since most likely the developers don't have your hardware, the best immediate action you can take is to install a snapshot of -current yourself to verfiy whether the same behavior exists.

    If you are unclear as to the differences in OpenBSD's flavors (-release, -stable, & -current), study Section 5.1 of the official FAQ.
  • Note that this community is predominantly enthusiasts & hobbyists who have no official connection to the OpenBSD project. As such, we can make recommendations as to what course of action should be followed, & we may only have a working knowledge of the code involved. As such, we can make educated guesses if we don't know the exact issue.
I actually did grab the source for Xenocara and looked at libdrm in that tree.
The way the XOrg Foundation is currently structured, each project is responsible for tweaking X to its own needs (OpenBSD's implementation of X is known as Xenocara...). How another project deals with DRM is of marginal value to OpenBSD.
...should I submit this as a bug to OpenBSD ?
Two more points to consider:
  • If you do submit a report, study the information found on the reporting page: you will see a faster response if you thoroughly explain the problem.
  • ...& part of doing the legwork should be installing -current to verify the behavior.
...should I compile...
Many Linux projects give the illusion that compiling resolves problems. While compiling may need to done by someone at some point (even if indirectly by installing a snapshot of -current...), the OpenBSD project tends to focus on understanding the problem before blindly jumping into activities which are time-consuming. Bluntly, the answer to your question is that discussing compilation at this time is premature. Verifying on -current is time better spent.
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