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Default sed(1) support for Extended Regulare Expressions (ERE)

Only a few days ago I noticed this ERE support in snapshots, which has been in for more than 5 months already.

From cvsweb

Fri Aug 7 03:30:56 2009 UTC (5 months, 2 weeks ago) by djm

add -E flag to compile regular expressions using the extended POSIX
syntax. The -E flag is compatible with the other BSDs and OSX. -r is
also provided as an alias for compatibility with GNU sed.
From the man page:
     sed [-aEnru] command [file ...]
     sed [-aEnru] [-e command] [-f command_file] [file ...]
     -E      Interpret regular expressions using POSIX extended regular ex-
             pression syntax.  The default behaviour is to use POSIX basic
             regular expression syntax.
     -r      An alias for -E, for compatibility with GNU sed.
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