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Can you help me to understand your problem? As I have never used WordPress before, I have replicated your environment in a virtual machine here.

WordPress is working, I was able to publish a blog post. This appears, for me, with a URL of http://<VM IP>/wordpress/

When I first attempted the top level http://<VM IP>/ I got an "Acccess Denied" because there was no index.php in /var/www/htdocs. When I added an index.php file, the error was eliminated.

I set the ownership of all files in /var/www/htdocs/wordpress to be world readable, but owned by root. PHP should not be able to write into those directories; that would be a significant security concern. These directories should be read-only to PHP and to the web server. (During WordPress install, the installer could not create the wp-config.php file, and gave me text to copy/paste into the file between steps.)

My WordPress userid and blog post are stored within the SQL database, not within /var/www/htdocs/wordpress.

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