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Default Lightweight DE Wishlist

x11/jgmenu is extant and i386/amd64 builds are available in current. The port opens a ton of options as far as lightweight desktops.

I'll start off by listing the criteria I've been following:

1) Utilize base apps when ever possible. Provide config files and shell scripts for the base apps to integrate them into the environment.

2) Non-base apps should have a track record of stability, security and accepting patches from OpenBSD developers. Apps written in C preferred over C++ and Python2/3, Java.

3) Try to avoid multiple tool kits. GTK2/3 and curses/tk apps are preferred over Qt.

Things I'm debating and open to comment:

1) Simplifying install with a *.tgz that populates ~/.local, ~/scripts and ~/.config.

2) Inviting user scripts and configurations (or links). An example tint2; has executors for scripts and one has been written to show the current wifi connection/signal strength/ip address. I believe this can be modified for OpenBSD. I have multiple weather scripts that I can call from x11/yad - I'll link these the final release thread. Other scripts generate wallpapers and I'm thinking could be extended to parse xrandr resolutions. Anyone have wallpapers/icons they will share?

Other suggestions/wants?

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