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Originally Posted by vermaden View Post
Yes, but your results are from Virtual image on disk within wirtualization, You wil ALWAYS get "strange" results about disk performance when you use disk in a file for your virtualized OS, I also got strange and realtively faster results then the drive can do even in slower QEMU.
I gave a look at the code and TBH its even more naive than I expected.
check it out for yourself.

The fantastic scores i was getting were bogus. i think its because of 2 factors:
1. The virtual disk was not preallocated so there is some kind of COW mechanism going on here though i don't know the details. This layer of abstraction was i believe causing the skewed result.
2. The disk is too small so the f, q, h stoke readings have no meaning here.

here is the o/p with a preallocated disk. this is more in line with what one would expect:
        512             # sectorsize
        8589934592      # mediasize in bytes (8.0G)
        16777216        # mediasize in sectors
        17753           # Cylinders according to firmware.
        15              # Heads according to firmware.
        63              # Sectors according to firmware.
        ad:01000000000000000001 # Disk ident.

I/O command overhead:
        time to read 10MB block      0.192098 sec       =    0.009 msec/sector
        time to read 20480 sectors   2.492608 sec       =    0.122 msec/sector
        calculated command overhead                     =    0.112 msec/sector

Seek times:
        Full stroke:      250 iter in   2.628599 sec =   10.514 msec
        Half stroke:      250 iter in   2.394040 sec =    9.576 msec
        Quarter stroke:   500 iter in   3.194460 sec =    6.389 msec
        Short forward:    400 iter in   3.233777 sec =    8.084 msec
        Short backward:   400 iter in   3.047335 sec =    7.618 msec
        Seq outer:       2048 iter in   0.335767 sec =    0.164 msec
        Seq inner:       2048 iter in   0.335223 sec =    0.164 msec
Transfer rates:
        outside:       102400 kbytes in   1.474514 sec =    69447 kbytes/sec
        middle:        102400 kbytes in   1.627657 sec =    62913 kbytes/sec
        inside:        102400 kbytes in   1.558496 sec =    65704 kbytes/sec
the f/h/q stroke readings may look overoptimistic but they are not. this has to do with how the benchmark calculates this value. if the whole disk was used for this virt. disk I would expect the numbers to be worse than 25 ms.

the transfer rates are more or less the same, as expected.

also, I would expect the COW results to degenerate to the above values when the disk becomes full.

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