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Originally Posted by oe1ssu View Post
2007 -> BSD is still runing without any problems.
This is something I hear often, and it causes me to scratch me head.

All of us here are aware how stable OpenBSD can be, but none of us are delusional enough to ignore that major security bugs (..both remote and local) have been fixed between 3.9/4.6.

Uptime shouldn't be a competition, in fact.. we would be more impressed if you were running the latest release with all of the errata patches applied.

As an example, if you run on i386.. a local user exploit.. it will cause a kernel panic on any release that isn't properly patched (..only 4.4-4.6 have an errata for it).
#include <xmmintrin.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
	__m128 a = _mm_div_ss(_mm_set_ss(1.0F), _mm_set_ss(0.0F));
	return 0;
$ gcc -msse example.c -o crash

None of us are overly eager to support older releases, especially if the maintainer isn't being proactive about security.. which is apparent by your choice of VPN technology.

Good luck.
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