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Originally Posted by Noobification View Post
I am wondering how to update my system as well...
It will be good for you to begin familiarizing yourself with the Upgrade Guide:

Note, the link above is for upgrading from OpenBSD 4.6 to 4.7. Once OpenBSD 4.8 is officially released in November, the project's Website will be updated with the OpenBSD 4.7 to 4.8 Upgrade Guide.
...can I just please make sure pkg_add -u updates my packages on system (not ports yet)...
Two points need to be covered to answer this question:
  • Building any port results in packages -- the same packages which can be found on any mirror site for the dominant platforms. Packages for OpenBSD 4.8 will not be available until November.

    Because the resulting packages are the same whether you or the project builds them, there is little to no reason for users to build them locally.

    The best overview of OpenBSD's packages/ports system can be found in Section 15 of the official FAQ.
  • As for specifically upgrading installed packages, Mark Espie has put in a lot of work to simplify the process. "pkg_add -u <package-name>" should be sufficient to upgrade packages now.

    For bonus points, Espie's recent presentation on developing OpenBSD's package system is worthwhile reading:
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