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These kinds of options are set (or unset) at the time the kernel is compiled. Each kernel will have a specific configuration file that is used to set the desired options, and then the kernel will be built with reference to the desired configuration file. The configuration files are found in the source code tree, in the directory usr/src/sys/arch/amd64/conf/, for example. For i386 you would replace "amd64" with "i386".

For example, the generic kernel distributed with the system is configured by the file called GENERIC.

With that background, to answer your first question, you would look into the configuration file used to compile the binary kernel in question. If you're using a kernel supplied with the system this can be found on the web, e.g.,

For the second question: If you want to change option values, or enable/disable options, then you need to create a new configuration file with all the options you want in it. This would often be done by taking an existing config file, like GENERIC, and editing it a bit. Then you would compile a new kernel using the new configuration file.

To learn more about all this you can study the NetBSD Guide, Section 32 Compiling the kernel .

Hope that helps.

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