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> Also, I'm considering just running FreeBSD in VMWare through Windows, rather than dual booting. Any thoughts on this? I still want FreeBSD-compatible hardware, just in case, but I wonder if this approach might be more convenient. I don't really intend to do any heavy lifting with this laptop, anyway.

freebsd works just fine on Vmware. (vmware tools is only for fbsd 6.x though but its not a big deal.)

for learning and programming, fbsd on vmware with windows as host os is very productive and i would recommend it.

for laptops, if you are particular about good hardware support then the only way to be sure is to try fbsd on it or search the net for user-experience, workarounds, drivers by other users who own the same model.

fbsd has worked great for me on dell latitude 520 and an older thinkpad r40. basically, go with a "business class" laptop if you can spare some extra cash.

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