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Also, I'm considering just running FreeBSD in VMWare through Windows, rather than dual booting. Any thoughts on this?
I don't understand, why would you running FreeBSD on virtual if you could dual boot or even single boot FreeBSD? I don't know what people said, but I think it's much much much better to dual boot, since you will probably destroy the other OS, or maybe other nasty things...and that's when you learn and never forget

virtual, however, still 'virtual'...

Any opinions on Asus laptops?
i would recommended something else....i've used Compaq HP Presario v2000 for 2 years ( althought now it's sold ), and it's still fine till now. Many of my friend buy Acer because it's cheaper, but then i found it's battery is dropping in almost 1 year or later...most of it before 1 year..anyway, i don't like Acer, but it's up to you
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