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Originally Posted by mdh View Post
iirc, make doesn't pass the -j option down to sub-make processes, so it wouldn't really be useful for ports compilation (since the actual port Makefile doesn't do any compiling itself, it unarchives the distfile into work/ and then runs a sub-make in the dist directory to actually do the build.)

One of these days, I'd rather like to see a make.conf option or somesuch to have a default number of compiler instances so that -j wouldn't even be needed, as make would be parsing make.conf each time it runs regardless.
I'm coming from Gentoo to FreeBSD. I like the fact that on Gentoo I
could set -j x the number of CPU's and have (X) numbers of
CPU's compile source programs.
If you have 2 or 4 cpu's than put them to use. I don't like the fact
that only ONE cpu is being used when I have three others that are
setting idle when compiling ports.

I have no problems building world using make -j12 buildworld etc. Just
think it would be nice if we could put those cpu's to use when
compiling software from ports.
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