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I have no problems with a DragonFlyBSD iso from

The procedure:
  • Download the iso dfly-x86_64-3.4.2_REL.iso.bz2
  • Get the md5.txt and save as dragon_fly.md5.txt
  • Search the MD5 file for the file name, without the bz2

    $  grep dfly-x86_64-3.4.2_REL.iso dragon_fly.md5.txt
    MD5 (dfly-x86_64-3.4.2_REL.iso) = ec4e06ba7dd8ce2d85c93421a632d410
    MD5 (dfly-x86_64-3.4.2_REL.iso.bz2) = e32fe58ae415054af8587d846bbfab4c
  • Redo but now save to file MD5.txt

    # grep dfly-x86_64-3.4.2_REL.iso dragon_fly.md5.txt >MD5.txt
  • Unpack/bunzup2 the archive and use -k option to keep the original:

    $ bunzip2 -k dfly-x86_64-3.4.2_REL.iso.bz2

    You now have two files:
    -rw-r--r--  1 adriaan  wheel  770066432 Aug 13 15:01 dfly-x86_64-3.4.2_REL.iso
    -rw-r--r--  1 adriaan  wheel  231681292 Aug 13 15:01 dfly-x86_64-3.4.2_REL.iso.bz2
  • On OpenBSD you can use the -c option to verify the MD5 checksums:
    $  md5 -c MD5.txt
    (MD5) dfly-x86_64-3.4.2_REL.iso: OK
    (MD5) dfly-x86_64-3.4.2_REL.iso.bz2: OK
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