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jggimi / ocicat

The key I posted was not valid. We use it only for testing.
The scenario is as follows:

Tunnel Parameters
Authentication algorithm: MD5
Encryption: 3DES
Pre-shared key: 1q2w3e (not true)

Host / network settings

The configuration I'm doing in ipsec.conf is:
Ike esp from to \
Main auth hmac-md5 enc 3des \
Quick auth hmac-md5 enc 3des \
Psk 1q2w3e

This IP is not mine and I understood that in my firewall will be created an interface with it after connecting
And to reach you will need to create a static route using the IP as gateway.
I questioned the client if this network was correct and said that it is right.
I have never set up ipsec and would like to know if this is the case.
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