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I ran OpenBSD 4.5 on my Quad Core Mac Pro 266Ghz with VirtualBox. It didn't work right and I couldn't do things like download from the ports collection and there were just too many issues popping up like moles everywhere. I suggest you try a commercial version of VMWare's Fusion, which I also set up after the VirtualBox fiasco. This did work, but it was too slow and I mean on a computer with 4 cores running VMWare Fusion with OpenBSD, it was not worth installing anything from the ports collection at all. Simple things like installing Vim would take all day. If you go this route, I suggest using packages exclusively unless you like to waste time. And the, it'll still take too long. You're prolly better off getting a used laptop i386 or a second hand desktop system somewhere and installing OpenBSD on it.
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