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If people need or want access to other operating systems for particular tasks, I find that the simplest and cheapest way is to to buy a usb external hard drive. Install the new OS to the usb hard drive and choose which OS you want to boot into from your Bios based boot menu. I run OpenBSD on a 300G usb hard drive. Windows 7 and OpenSuse are on the main hard drive in my system. I have a 1 Terabyte usb hard drive where I can put files that want any of the OS systems can access.
My Windows installation usually only sees the light of day when I want to do updates on my Samsung cell phone. OpenSuse handles most of the multimedia tasks that I do and OpenBSD is now my everyday desktop. Hardware is pretty cheap these days and it certainly gives people a speed jump over virtualization. The only virtual system that I have seen that does not consume a ton of resources is Solaris zones.
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