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Originally Posted by CyberJet View Post
Greetings to all!

Has anyone successfully install Firefox on Sun SPARCstation5 running OpenBSD 4.6? Please let me know where I can get the correct file name.

Thanks in advance.
Yes, I have about two years ago when it was released. I am mentioning this because OpenBSD 4.6 is unmaintained. The current release is 4.9. However 4.6 packages are still available. For example my favorite mirror:

The correct name of the file is


I recall vividly that Firefox was almost unusable on Ultra 5. It was very sluggish and too bloated for that old machine.

If I was you I would upgrade to the latest release and try to run something like www/netsurf just for browsing. Notice that Netsurf unfortunately doesn't support Javascript so it is just a browser but unlike Dillo at least supports CSS. Netsurf from ports i slightly outdated being 2.6 (the stable release is 2.7). You can try to update the port yourself. New version fixes specifically some issues discovered on OpenBSD. if you need a full featured browser you will have to try something WebKit based like xxxterm.
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