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Originally Posted by rocket357 View Post
If you have OpenBSD-4.6 installed, you can download bsd.rd for 4.9 (located on the mirrors at /pub/OpenBSD/4.9/`machine`/bsd.rd), boot that, and perform a fresh install from there.
Once again I would like to say Thank You.

I have decided to execute bsd.rd but before I do this I would like to get a copy of my pf.conf and copy it to my Windoz machine with WinSCP. I'm not able to do this because the permissions are -rw----------. I have figured out that I can apply a chmod 755 to this file and I can accomplish the task.

Question for my future reference:

What number do I use with chmod to restore the original file permissions? Is there a formula for this?

Regarding the booting of bsd.rd, I have download the file to my home directory. Please correct me if I'm wrong, am I correct in that I must run
this file from the root directory and overwriting the existing bsd.rd?

Again I would like to thank you and all that have contributed to my questions.

Kind Regards,
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