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Those are good reasons to use packages. I guess my question was poorly worded. I was just thinking that if the program is of enough interest to retire evince, then installing by hand would likely be easy if there's no package.

In the case of mupdf the install is particularly short, e.g.:

% make prefix=/usr/local install

install -d /usr/local/bin /usr/local/lib /usr/local/include

install build/debug/pdfshow build/debug/pdfclean build/debug/pdfdraw build/debug/pdfextract build/debug/pdfinfo build/debug/mupdf 

install build/debug/libmupdf.a /usr/local/lib

install fitz/fitz.h mupdf/mupdf.h /usr/local/include
Anyway, I'm sure you'll get it done in the best way available for you.
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