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Originally Posted by TerryP View Post
It supports vi keystrokes, it's C, and it's small. OK, if there's a package available for Zenwalk, I think Evince is getting retirement!
Only in 2010 do GUI programs catch up to ksh in its user interface, but where's the option for emacs bindings? Well, I see emacs 23.3 will probably arrive in OpenBSD 5.0, so I can just view my pdfs in that using their pdf viewing support. If only someone would resurrect W3.el, then I could change my last .xsession line from exec cwm to exec emacs.

But what of mg users who abhor the bloat that is emacs? No joy for them, I guess. Maybe they will want my adaptation of poppler that, in the spirit of minimalism, uses the user interface of ed. You'll be pleased to know it's written in C. Sadly, perhaps from emacs's influence on me, it's bloated with a scripting language, however. On the other hand, also in the spirit of minimalism, that scripting language is forth.
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