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Originally Posted by ibara View Post
As the person who maintains the Dillo port on OpenBSD, I can tell you that I track upstream very closely and I try to get updates into the tree asap. If someone has a problem with Dillo on OpenBSD, you should get in contact with me.
I played with Dillo before Dillo2 and unfortunately I needed something that had CSS support and JavaScript support. I remember that port was well maintained. Unfortunately I also remember that upstream was a one man who could not add features fast enough even if he worked full time on Dillo.

Originally Posted by ibara View Post
With that said...

I really like NetSurf. They're only starting their HTML5 work but I use it as my primary browser on my OpenBSD/loongson machines and it's a pleasure to work with. Unfortunately, it suffers from some graphical endian bugs so you can only use it on little endian machines. I find it a much better experience over Dillo. It's also a really great project for someone looking to do some dev work. All you need is some C knowledge.

(This post made from an OpenBSD/loongson machine running NetSurf. The forums look great.)

Unfortunately IIRC JavaScript support was hit and miss if available at all so I have given up and went back to Opera at that time.

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