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Thanks much for the advice, but it's probably a bit beyond my abilities. I was able to get it working on Fedora easily enough. The things that _I_ really like about it though, are the keyboard shortcuts. The main machine is powerful enough so that I'm not going to notice much performance, and doing some more googling, I found that I can get the keyboard shortcuts in firefox with vimperator and in chromium with vrome.

It's really nice to be able to go page up and page down with j and k, as well as the whole links thing without a mouse. (I did install webkitgtk-devel in CentOS, which, from the description, is using gtk2, but still had no luck.)

Again--for _my_ needs, on this particular CentOS machine, I am satisfied with using the two extensions I mentioned, mostly because I'm old and boring with so little to hide. Though the makefile seems to indicate it can work with gtk2, the first errors indicate that it can't find gtk3.

EDIT--just to add in case I missed something obvious, I tred with GTK_VERSION=gtk2 make and also export GTK_VERSION=gtk2 but it still starts off with errors about gtk+-3.0 was not found.
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