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Originally Posted by rocket357 View Post
I've been wanting to get a Model M for a while, but now I don't know...those Filco Brown tenkeyless keyboards look very nice. My biggest obstacle in purchasing a mechanical keyboard is that I am a heavy typer, and my wife would kill me over the volume of my typing (I already upset her with rubber dome keyboards...haha).

But, it'd be nice to have a keyboard that lasts longer than six months...
Brown cherry switches aren't that loud. Model M/Buckling springs are frelling loud though.

Not sure if you saw these links I posted earlier, but here they are again:

It depends on your typing style though! The only sound you'll get from brown switches if they hit the bottom of the keyboard ("bottoming out"), this is at 4mm, the actual activation point is at 2mm and this happens with almost no sound!
This is different from most rubber domes keyboard, where you need to bottom out in order to activate them.
The keys are also lighter and smoother compared to most rubber dome keyboards, so you'll tend to hit them too hard and bottom out at the start, making a somewhat louder sound (not excessively loud though). When you get used to them, you'll hit them less hard and they'll make less sound compared to a rubber dome key board.

... That is my experience anyway ... YMMV® ...

Originally Posted by fossala View Post
I tried taking it apart and drying it out. But only the 1 green light lit up and no keys worked.

EDIT: how can you thank people in this forum? I cannot find the button anywhere and would like to thank carpetsmoker for introducing me to the world of mechanical keyboards.
It also affects the rubber, making an even less comfortable typing experience! (Been there, done that).

And you're more than welcome fossala
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