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Originally Posted by fvgit View Post
Disclaimer: I'm not an Xfce-user

Your screen problem might be related to that new screensaver function:

See also:
and the package readme as mentioned in the message on misc@
After a couple of hours of use with many applications running, this looks like it's working for me (from the xfce Compositing manager notes linked above):

$ xfwm4 --replace --vblank=off &
Thanks, fvgit. I had already seen the post and xfce compositor notes but didn't think it applied since I wasn't seeing the symptom described (flickering.) I was getting screen freezes.

I tried the above only after trying a couple of other things (disabling hardware acceleration [EDIT: and DRI] in a couple of xorg.conf.d files and internet browsers; playing around screensaver settings but not trying to disable it) that didn't fix the problem.


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