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When it comes to 3rd party applications that are not in the ports tree ...

There is a difference between "porting" them to OpenBSD and building an "OpenBSD port". The former means to install the application on an OpenBSD platform. The latter involves building the scaffolding to add the application to the ports tree: the port Makefile, OpenBSD specific patches, additional files, packing lists.

As Ocicat mentioned, sometimes porting is trivial, sometimes it's very complex. And it's also possible that someone has already gone through the trouble of porting the application, and perhaps afterwards built a port for the application, or, is working on it now.

I have no idea what it takes to port PNP4Nagios, nor to build a port for it. I did just check to see if the application had ever been mentioned on the ports@ mailing list. It had not been mentioned. If you have any trouble following build documentation or completing the installation ("porting") on OpenBSD, you could post to the ports@ mailing list and ask if anyone else has successfully installed it and could provide guidance ... or perhaps someone has built a port of it or has been working on a port.
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