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Hello and welcome!

The firmware for the zyd drive in contained in /usr/src/sys/dev/usb/if_zydfw.h
It is compiled in the driver, you don't need to load an extra module or download additional files.

A quick look at the source would seem to indicate that error=5 comes from usbd_do_request(9), /usr/src/sys/dev/usb/usbdi.h lists error 5 as USBD_NOMEM, and the manpage previously linked says this error means ``An attempt to allocate memory failed.''
What this exactly means and how this helps you, I don't have the foggiest

Something else that might help is the knob, ZYD_DEBUG, which you can turn on at compile-time to print extra debug info, you don't need to recompile world, just the zyd module:

cd /usr/src/sys/modules/zyd
make clean
mv /boot/kernel/zyd.ko /boot/kernel/zyd.ko.orig
cp zyd.ko /boot/kernel/
make clean
rm @ machine
There's also the USB_DEBUG which may help, but you will need to recompile more for that, basically zyd and everything it depends on (usb.ko, etc.) -- Probably best to just recompile world with this ...
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