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Originally Posted by jonsec View Post
why MongoDB is not compatible with OpenBSD ?
Mongodb is available as a package for OpenBSD/amd64. The databases/mongodb port is marked $ONLY_FOR_ARCHS = amd64.

I cannot replicate your problem with the information provided. I can install the mongodb package, start the mongod daemon, and successfully connect to it with the mongo client without any additional provisioning, with these three commands:
$ doas pkg_add mongodb
$ doas rcctl -f start mongod
$ mongo
how i can build newer version of MongoDB in OpenBSD ?
Update the databases/mongodb port. At this time, there is no $MAINTAINER assigned and I do not see a work-in-progress port at jasperla@'s openbsd-wip Github repository. For guidance on updating the port, see the Porter's Handbook at

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