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I hesitated to buy one, two years ago, but...
Nice machine, good performances, nice modular design, but the HDD caddy trays are clearly outdated.
This kind of computer deserves pro trays, not just basic consumer trays.

But hey, anyway, nice machine

Originally Posted by ip6ix View Post
I intend to add a decent graphics card, though not sure which one. It has to be supported by OpenBSD, so nVidia is out. Maybe one of the Radeons...
Be aware you purchased a professional machine, upgrades could be more restrictive.
Before buying anything, I recommend you to check your hardware.
Contact HP directly, take time to check with them, on a forum or something like that.

For example, what type of PSU do you have ? 460, 750 or 1200 W ?
With dual 2650 v2, I think you have minimum 750W, but not sure of that.
460W could be really restrictive for adding a new graphic card.

Also, some graphic cards, as AMD RX570, are PCI-e aux powered.
So with this kind of cards, you need to plug a 6-pin or 8-pin connector, depending on the card.
Just check you've got the connector, and that the existing connection is enabled.

On my ThinkStation, the connector is proprietary, I cannot use connectors sold with the cards, I need a specific Lenovo one.
And I need a 650W PSU minimum to enable this connector.
So, actually, my 490W PSU is restricted to non-aux powered card.

Could be useful to check that before any further purchase.
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