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Originally Posted by LeFrettchen View Post
I hesitated to buy one, two years ago, but...
Nice machine, good performances, nice modular design, but the HDD caddy trays are clearly outdated.
This kind of computer deserves pro trays, not just basic consumer trays.

But hey, anyway, nice machine

Are pro trays something that could be swapped for the existing ones?
More importantly, what advantages would a pro tray give me?

For example, what type of PSU do you have ? 460, 750 or 1200 W ?
With dual 2650 v2, I think you have minimum 750W, but not sure of that.
460W could be really restrictive for adding a new graphic card.
Actually they're 460W. Yes, I'd assumed that adding a more powerful graphics card would mean I'd have to upgrade the PSUs. Not a problem... upgrading is all part of the fun

There's no real urgency in getting a graphics card (well not much anyway ) I need to make sure it's the right one and that involves, as you say, doing my research.

Thanks again for your advice.
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