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Default This will happen again. And again.

Peter, this is not the first time you have had a problem which you did not understand, and where your explanations of the problem were incomplete, your symptoms were not well explained, where your conclusions were incorrect, and where you were unable to provide information that had been requested, here and on misc@.

When we are able to help, the resolution of your problems have usually been simple, but only after long, difficult, and confusing attempts to support you, and where seemingly by luck alone, you provide the piece of the puzzle that had been missing. When you don't provide that missing information, we're unable to help and your problems don't get resolved.

Each one of us have technical problems occur where we have unexpected results that we do not understand. It happens to all of us, and will happen again. To us. And to you. So next time, please:
  • Do not assume you know the cause of a problem.
Here, your "changed" PF configuration was not an external attack, it was normal operation of rc(8). Those rules are in /etc/rc, and you can see them there.
  • Before using any knobs, understand what those knobs do, and why you are using them. If you don't know what a knob does, please don't touch it.
You instructed the kernel to stop PF configuration changes, and then had PF problems during boot. Knowing the scope of impact should have lead you to your sysctl.conf provisioning.
  • Look for, read, and understand error messages. If you don't know what an error message means, ask.
Each time you rebooted, rc(8) issued error messages regarding PF failures on your console. You missed them.
  • Tell us more about your problems than you believe we need to know.
Each time you report a problem, people ask you for additional information. I can't recall ever seeing a complete dmesg, and I believe I've been asking for them from you since 2007, or perhaps earlier.

Here are two links which should help. Please, read them, and if you have any questions, please let us know.

A guide to asking for help

What makes a perfect newbie?

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