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Originally Posted by DrJ
Yup, same symptoms here. Oddly, when the site crawls, it often only takes a few minutes and then things are back to normal.
I've had this two but not often.. But then again the DNS servers my ISP uses can get a bit pissy a lot of times in their own right, so I rarely notice it.

Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
When attempting to post for several days now, I log in, compose the post, attempt to preview, & get prompted to log in again.

Depending on your browser and the forum settings the session might not be staying put.

For example:

My desktop is generally set to remember every thing and hang on to cookies, etc. I almost never get that problem unless I've stepped away for a long time (cookies expired, session logged out, etc).

My laptop on the other hand, I generally have things set to 'this data will self destruct" when I close my browser. That keeps the cookies from hanging around in case my laptop gets stolen. I experience such issues more frequently from my laptop.

Even then forums (like most well behaved systems) will log out your session after a certain amount of time and cookies usually should have an expiration date/time. Some boards softwares allow the time out rate to be configured.

Ippimail is a good example, they are careful to nuke in active sessions to the webmail/forums quickly for the sake of people at internet cafes and public terminals.
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