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Originally Posted by lunita View Post
I haven't option to select HD devices, but when it's beginning the startup, I see hd0, 1 and 2, as you can see in the previous 'screenshot'.

Why can't I select the HD and not the USB :??
The difference is boot(8) does not make any distinction between IDE & SCSI drives such that all are detected as "hd" devices. On the other hand, the OpenBSD kernel does distinguish between IDE (which are identified as wd(4) devices...) & SCSI (which are identified as sd(4) devices...). The provided links to the manpages will give more information.

Note that all USB devices will be identified as sd(4) devices.

The kernel will also assign a number to each IDE/SCSI device. Upon insertion of USB devices, you will see what the kernel assigns on the login console. As an example, if you have one SCSI drive installed in the system, (which would be found in dmesg(8) output as sd0...), inserting a USB device would be assigned the device name sd1. This information would be displayed and placed into the dmesg(8) buffer.
At this point I type /bsd.rd and I can choose installing OpenBSD. I follow the process but at this part of the installation:
Available disks are: sd0 sd1 sd2
Which one is the root disk? (or 'done') [sd0]
At this point, the above information prompted by /bsd.rd should make more sense. Three devices are identified by the kernel to use the SCSI subsystem. This may be mix between actual SCSI hard drive(s) & USB device(s).
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