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I tried to enable POSIX mode but disabled that with #set -o posix (see the second post) when I found the POSIX documents.
While missing from POSIX test(1), these < and > operators are in POSIX expr(1).

With Linux expr works:
$ if expr 'zzz' \> 'aaa' ; then echo Greater ; fi
But OpenBSD as well as FreeBSD, besides setting the error level, write a "1" or "0" followed by a <newline> to standard output, as mandated by POSIX :
The expr utility shall evaluate the expression and write the result, followed by a <newline>, to standard output.
So in those BSD's you get:
$ if expr 'zzz' \> 'aaa' ; then echo Greater ; fi
That would mess up the output of the shell script that I was writing, unless you redirect that to /dev/null. But I found that too messy, so I sticked with /bin/test for now
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