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Originally Posted by drhowarddrfine View Post
@Maxnix SirDice moderates now. Dutch still has the privilege, I think, but I don't think he visits as often. I wonder whether what @cynwulf talks about is a reason. I agree with @cynwulf and I've pointed out on the FreeBSD forum and elsewhere for quite a while. In fact, I noticed a lot of people don't show up at all anymore that I've known over the years, many of whom are still here on this one.

And now I've been banned over there for a month. They say "I've been warned" but, no, I did not receive any warnings about anything. Only that they edited out my signature.

After 14 years of FreeBSD forum usage, I'm banned over someone who bashes FreeBSD and actively promotes Debian over there. Explain that one to me.
I think that the two threads you posted in [ wednesday, thursday, ] had one that
you termed a newbie who was unclear and overly uncertain of how the BSD community
may help him as a pair of terms that, if for some reason he became a member of
CORE and was called out for some other reason, could evict him from the
developer team. [ I try to limit my posts there to three per week, maybe try
that when your ban expires... forums are easy to take posts with wrong
intent due to the lack of tone of voice while typing VS in person Q/A... ]
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