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Let's start with fetch. FETCH_USER, if not set by you, will default to _pfetch. This user requires write access to DISTDIR. (Default: /usr/ports/distfiles) You can either set FETCH_USER or provide write access to _pfetch. FETCH_USER is set with -D.

You may set build_user within a -h hosts file, or you may set it with -D.
Per the security model section, this user must be able to write to WRKOBJDIR and have read access to the rest of the ports tree. If you don't set it, it defaults to _pbuild.

The whoami(1) model is only used on remote hosts.

I'm going to guess that you must explicitly set FETCH_USER and build_user, or you must change the access/ownership model of your ports tree to support using the default userids. I've set the two userids, rather than mucking about with ports tree ownerships.
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