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There is no "vga" X driver ocicat, not sure how good VESA VBE support is on the Mac either.

The open source 'nv' driver (xf86-video-nv) was maintained by an nVidia employee, but it only supported basic modesetting and 2D acceleration, recently they decided to drop official support for this driver.. and no new card families will be supported (..however your card may be similar to another, and you may be able to forcefully override detection!).

It's a GeForce GT 330M according to a few sources, which isn't in the driver, but the GT 230M is.. maybe adding ChipID 0x0A2A to your Device section, if this option isn't recognized by the 'nv' driver, you may have to do some source patching, but all of this depends on how desperate you are.

The reverse engineered driver 'nouveau' is not currently supported by OpenBSD, it may not ever be.. as the main DRI/DRM guy is opposed of the hardware.

Unfortunately you're just having some bad luck dylanz, it's unfortunate that this system did not have ATI or Intel graphics.. but try out my above advice and see how things turn out.

Good luck
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