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Default Solaris by Megadeth was way more fun, Solaris 8 hanging on boot

Total newb with unix... I am attempting to change that.

Power outage occured.
The unix guru left for good,
I have not managed solaris before. but I am having a crash course in survival on it as we speak.

after I power on the SPARC box with Solaris 8 it comes to the "OK prompt" I type "boot" the system hangs a few lines down @
Setting default IPv4 interface for multicast: add net 224.0/4: gateway

and just sits there,

and waits

and waits...

and then it does absolutly nothing.

I can press keys and get things like [{ and [[. Since was able to type boot at the "ok" prompt... these two things tell me the keyboard is working and the system is probably not having a hardware issue. just a operator issue or a software one. I have no Idea what command if any I could put in at this point, but I looked around the net and seen that there are a plethra of solutions for this and I have no idea which way to go first. I need to get this thing back up and running.
Appreciate any and all help.

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