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RoddieRod is the local Opteron guy, though I think Phoenix has quite some Opteron experience.

The 8 series is for eight physical CPUs on a board -- that is probably way overkill for your applications, and you pay a heavy premium for it. The 2 series is for two physical CPUs, more akin to a traditional dual Xeon system. There is also a 4 series where obviously you can use four physical CPUs. Each of these can be single, dual or quad core.

One place to look for information is the forums at They have been focusing on dual socket and more computers for many years, and they know the hardware. There are even a few of FreeBSD sorts, though there are not a lot of us.

You do pay a lot more for server-grade stuff than the consumer sort, but they do tend to last longer. You probably know that. FWIW, I'm typing this on a six-year-old dual Athlon system that still works fine, though it is terribly slow by today's standards.

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