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Thanks for all your answers! I will see what I can do.

ocicat. Thanks for the tip. I will see in "/etc/firmware/" what I have installed, and I will take a look in the licenses of every firmware. Then I will delete all the BLOBS.

ibara. To build my own firmware is possible, but I need more knowledge than I have right now. Thanks!

slowtechstef. For people like me, that doesn't have english like native language, sometimes there are a lot of details that can't be see. Wikipedia in my language doesn't say this: "(however, OpenBSD distributes firmware blobs)". So, thank you for your time and all that good information.

I did know about the relatively strong politic of OpenBSD for don't include BLOB drivers in the initial system, but I didn't know that they distribute non-free drivers in their compress packages.

Dear kpa: Please, don't insult me calling me "troll". You are not my enemy, and also I am not your enemy. I just want my system without blobs (like everybody here, I think... Because we all defend free software). For me this was sad. I said that I feel like a stupid because I didn't known the total effect of that command. That can't be "trolling". Also I hate trolls, they are so violent, and so annoying.

Thanks to all for your time!