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I agree that those docs don't seem to exactly make it simple. When I wrote my mutt stuff for which I still get thanks,I kept it simple. I had user john,pass 1234 at To brag a bit, I see some stuff on the mutt pages that look like they copied from me. Anyway, I've always thought the trouble with the knowledgeable writing docs is that they forget what they used to not know. For example , they might write (to make my point, I exaggerate) grab the tarball and run the usual ./configure make, and make install, which will leave the novice at sea. A less experience user will described downloading, running .configure, and so on. I used to get mad when I saw people say, this doc or that doc is great, and finally I realized--for the expert, they probably are great.

For example, asked a brilliant friend how he set up opensmtpd. He said, Oh the man pages are best. I was embarrassed to say which did you use. I assume smtpd.conf is one but have no idea of the others.
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