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Originally Posted by drhowarddrfine View Post
I should not bother with the roffs and just learn TeX?
If you are not doing mathematics, you should learn DocBook

The roff's and Tex are presentation-oriented, while Docbook is presentation-neutral.

From :
As a semantic language, DocBook documents do not describe what their contents look like, but rather the meaning of those contents. For example, rather than explaining how the abstract for an article might be visually formatted, DocBook simply says that a particular section is an abstract. It is up to an external processing tool or application to decide where on a page the abstract should go and what it should look like.
I have been using a very very simplified Docbook XML derivate to write Howtos. I write the source in XML. One stylesheet produces HTML, another stylesheets converts the same XML source into Vbulletin markup.
It wouldn't be too difficult to write a stylesheet to produce Tex or troff markup.

Some more details about this can be found in

BTW the FreeBSD handbook is written in DocBook and IIRC it uses Tex to produce the Postscript/PDF output.
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