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Originally Posted by gpatrick View Post
Your attitude is exactly why others think the FreeBSD community is more friendly and inviting.
I don't see what OpenBSD would gain from 'friendly and inviting' community.
I'm not saying it's unfriendly as it is or anything, more like properly neutral community with individuals.
Unnecessary friendliness above neutrality could bring the people w/fanboy-mentality, who are unlikely to contribute anything beyond asking questions with answers already in archives or demanding for XXX or YYY, which according to them would be 'of absolute necessity'.

Originally Posted by gpatrick View Post
In fact, daemonfowl would not recevie the comments in their forum from their members in the way that you come down on him. He thanks you when you're rude, which is the exact opposite what I'd say.
In fact, jggimi imho has got the nerves to be one of the friendliest 'teachers' I've seen on internet, especially considering how he has answered time after time when the answer would have been one manpage away for anyone bothering to do their homework without repeatedly getting told to do it first.

+ you're free to implement anything you feel is missing