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Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
You need at least 128 M to run the Xen dom0 (the management domain).
Official NetBSD Xen HOWTO states that 64MB for dom0 is ok:

# An entry for NetBSD/xen, using /netbsd as the domain0 kernel, and serial
# console. Domain0 will have 64MB RAM allocated.
# Assume NetBSD is installed in the first MBR partition.
title Xen 3.0 / NetBSD (hda0, serial)
  kernel (hd0,a)/xen.gz dom0_mem=65536 com1=115200,8n1
  module (hd0,a)/netbsd bootdev=wd0a ro console=ttyS0
... but IMHO 512-1024MB will be a good start point for virtualization.
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