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I did more deep diving in the CoC and licensing section, I understand now, definitely a little different from the Linux way of life. Dev-ops is a long way off, I have decided to start with web development, for that I am sure BSD will suffice. I am going to work on the grub link sent earlier and see if I can get it booting (via grub).

Looking at the two differences of Free vs Open, I would feel happier with Free for web development purposes, but if I ever dabble in cybersecurity then OpenBSD would be a nice approach for sure.

I love Linux, especially Fedora. It is far more stable and ahead of the other distributions, but sometimes the insane amount of packages and myriad user options can be disheartening. Especially when I spend hours on a package that runs 100% on Arch, then fails to run on Fedora (dwm for instance) in the same way it runs on the other distros. There are a few programs I used in Mint then Ubuntu that I never got to work in Fedora, but they still worked on Mint/Ubuntu. However, I have found better packages than those now and wouldn't go back if they did work. Minder, for instance, works really well on Fedora, it is a great app for the mind mappers out there.

If I get Open running I will try it out, but I will likely try Free again. Is there a secondary install guide to theirs, that walks through the dual/triple boot scenario? I will be triple-booting, Windows on [SSD] sda, File Storage on [7200rpm, platter HDD] sdb, Fedora on [SSD] sdc, and BSD on [SSD] sdd.

Thanks again for the advice. I truly appreciate it. I will keep booting into BSD, see how it works with my workflow for this boot camp I am starting.



Edit: I already have OpenBSD booting, just not via grub. Corrected above.
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