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Originally Posted by diortem View Post
Is there a secondary install guide to theirs, that walks through the dual/triple boot scenario? I will be triple-booting, Windows on [SSD] sda, File Storage on [7200rpm, platter HDD] sdb, Fedora on [SSD] sdc, and BSD on [SSD] sdd.
The FAQ used to have a section pertaining to GRUB but it's been removed.

Try this stanza in /boot/grub/custom.cfg in your Fedora system:
menuentry 'OpenBSD' {
   set root=(hd3,1)
   chainloader +1

That presumes a non-UEFI system with OpenBSD installed to /dev/sdd1

For a UEFI system use this instead:
menuentry 'OpenBSD' {
   set root=(hdX,Y)
   chainloader /EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi
Replace X & Y with the correct identifiers for the EFI system partition.

It might be best to use the UUID rather than the block device, to do that replace the set root= line with
search --fs-uuid $uuid --set=root
Replace $uuid with the actual UUID of the target partition.

If you have any problems then it's probably best to start a new thread because this is off-topic here.
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