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Old 9th January 2022
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Originally Posted by cynwulf View Post
The various lock downs, etc may have triggered many to return to the "platform"... and of course big tech, (not to mention big pharma) have made billions (trillions?)... it is absolutely insidious by design.
Agreed. The addictive nature of all social media erodes mental health.

Originally Posted by cynwulf View Post
You're not alone - I expect many fell back to old habits. I installed Windows 10...
Over the pandemic I have done my fair share of Window installations and other operating systems. Technology therapy can be soothing.

Originally Posted by cynwulf View Post
I have never been "on it", so I can't really relate to it. I have only seen the continuously swiping zombies on the train, looking at photos and animated memes and then quickly tapping out some response or "liking" someone's new hair do or whatever....
You're not missing a damn thing. I've been away from all forms of social media for a little over 3 months; I don't miss it. It's refreshing to be away from the mindless drone of conspiracy theory whackjobs.
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