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Originally Posted by JMJ_coder View Post
One thing that has been a bear is configuring X. I first tried just plain XFree86 that ships with NetBSD. That didn't work - and I can't blame it, the 'intel' driver is too new to have been compiled for it. So, I installed modular Everything compiled smoothly, but when I tried to startx, nothing. The two main errors I received was that the glx module didn't exist and that agpgart wasn't configured (or didn't exist - I can't remember). I fought with it for about two days. Many people mentioned a similar problem, but their solutions didn't work for me. So, I finally went back to plain old XFree86, used the 'vesa' driver - and all is peachy. I really don't need 3D acceleration, so a basic driver will work. The only reason I have X installed is to use programs like Firefox, OpenOffice, GIMP, and maybe watch a DVD.
NetBSD comes with XFree 4.5 but there is also newer XFree 4.7 or even later that copes with Intel driver, I do nto have a link, but if you ask about that on NetBSD mailing lists, they will give you links to apriciate packages.

Originally Posted by JMJ_coder View Post
speaking of graphical needs, does anyone know if NetBSD ships with an image viewer? I thought that X would come with xv, but it's not there. -
Have you checked pkgsrc?

This one should do the job:

Originally Posted by JMJ_coder View Post
possibly mapping the special function keys (does any know where I can find the key event codes for those special keys?)
Launch xev from the terminal in x11, it will tell you which keys (keycodes) you are pressing, you can map them to commands with xmodmap.

Originally Posted by JMJ_coder View Post
The only thing that I don't like about this computer so far is the placement of the F1 and the Function keys. F1 interferes with Escape and Function interferes with left-Control.
I do not know why they mess thir keyboard with such defects, for example, none of them can be faound on Dell Latitude laptops (CTRL and ESC are where they should be).
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