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So if I may suggest a framework to critque/approve against- if you have already mentioned one of these, it's not that I ignored your comment... it's that I thought it worthwhile and incorporated it-

1) Stay on topic
We have enough issues with newbies/non-regulars hijacking threads or going OT without the more regular users doing so. Pay attention to what the OP is asking for. While it's a good thing to correct a responder's erroneous information, aside from that it's important to stay on the OP's topic. Imagine being a newbie, asking for help, only to have your thread turn into a whole other discussion. And yes... it happens.

2) Ask the right questions
As regulars here, we tend to get pretty judgemental about what the OP is asking (aka, not being specific enough, among other things) but we really need to pay attention to our own attempts to glean a better understanding of the OP's issue. Asking a question that clearly has nothing to with the OP's problem can send a newbie in the wrong direction fast, and add to the confusion when you expect them to understand it may have been slightly OT. And asking a question that is clearly beyond the understanding of the OP does them no good, either.

3) Be respectful
Perhaps this should be 1) , but it's been stated previously that the newbies are the lifeblood of this forum. Scorning them for not understanding the framework under which we operate on a normal basis isn't sufficient to "go off on them". Gently pointing out that perhaps one of their problems is not addressing the issue from the perspective we would address it from goes a long way in building the community we hope to live in. And general politeness should go without saying, but if this wasn't a problem it wouldn't be mentioned here.

4) Be clear
Engrish (sp for humor's sake) is the language of the forum, but not necessarily the OP or other members. If you have a firm grasp of the English language, it falls on you to use it properly. If a poster can't communicate their issue elegantly in English, imagine how hard it is for them to decode grammaticly incorrect, nonsensical shorthand chickenscratch. Was that overly done?

5) Make some actual suggestions related to the issue discussed
Waxing philosophical is okay once the answer has been arrived at, or if the OP is clearly not understanding the proper answer already laid in front of them. But to give your view of the subject at large before the answer has been clearly stated is just a bunch of garbage. It has no place in this forum, and makes you look like you're just trying to be a smart guy when you really having nothing of worth to contribute. Consider it forum cruft. Remember, people come here looking for answers, not to see if you can yuk it up on any topic they throw in the hat. If you don't have an actual answer, considering waiting for someone who does to post it, before 'weighing in' with a mere opinion.

This doesn't have to be the completed list... I just don't want to go on forever, and thought these were the most important points.
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