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Default 3TB ZFS drive won't remount

I've been using a WD 3TB USB drive for backing up data on my FreeBSD (8.1-release) web server at home. Drive is a single partition in ZFS, the only drive in the pool.

It was working fine this morning, I was copying data to it with no problem. I had a moment to think about it and remembered that while the server itself is on UPS power, the drive is not. So I used umount (should I have used zfs instead?) to unmount the drive, and then attempted to remount it using the zfs command after I reconnected everything.

web# zfs mount net-backup
Has been running for a very long time (over 15 minutes as of this writing) with no response. The system is responsive, but the command appears to be waiting on something. It doesn't seem to be using a great deal of resources, though I can't kill it with Ctrl-C, 'kill', or even 'kill -9' as root (obviously the zfs command is run as root).

If I do Ctrl-T I see something like:
load: 0.00  cmd: zfs 14117 [zio->io_cv)] 1492.71r 0.00u 0.00s 0% 1344k
I googled for "zio->io_cv" but haven't found much insightful so far. I'm considering rebooting the system at this point in case something is hung but not reporting correctly?

System is a 2ghz P4 with 1gb ram. It's purpose in life is to serve pages for my home website (which has very little traffic) and to act as a gateway for me to access resources at work and other places (ssh traffic in that case). I know this is a very meager setup for zfs, and I just added the lines to /boot/loader.conf that were suggested in

thank you
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