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Default FreeBSD 7.0 Writing large amount to USB Disc cause kernel panic

Can some one point in the right direction for a USB 2.0 Disc (500Gb) problem with filesystem corruption and kernel panic after writing let's say, 50Gb to it?

After using google, I found some general problem describtions that match my own but none mention a solution or way to circumvent this problem. I am a fairly unexperienced FreeBSD user and have no in-depth knowledge on how the USB subsystem works.

One very annoying side effect lies within the networking capabilities, they seem to shutdown the moment a kernel panic occurs (this is probably wanted behaviour) but since it's an remote machine you will probably see my problem.

g_vfs_done() writes out errors 6 and 16, but I can't seem to find their meaning in the proper source files...

It seems to be contained to FreeBSD version 7.0, lot's of different website make a notion like the site below...
After some more research; it only seems to happen with the default EHCI device driver... don't know if there are other USB 2.0 options...
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